Gold Rush Pro Wrestling, located in Pacifica, CA., is presented by Sparkey Ballard Productions. As a Senior Official Referee, Sparkey Ballard, has officiated over 2000 matches both with in the United States and Australia.  Recognizing the need of the local schools fundraising efforts, Gold Rush Pro Wrestling  engaged the support of the local business community in sponsoring a Gold Rush Pro Wrestling as a school fundraiser. The event was a great success with parents, students, teachers, the local community and dedicated fans from throughout the Bay Area attending.

Gold Rush Pro Wrestling has successfully hosted several fun and entertaining fundraising events. Below are the members of the IBL Marching Band, whose not only showcased their talents during the event but their parents were their supporting them by selling a variety of refreshments for participates to purchase. The evening was well attended and the band was able to purchase some much needed equipment.

Funds raised for the on going support for Pacifica’s IBL Marching School Band